Municiple League Rating

Organizations (2012, 2014)

The following organizations should have 501(c)(4) or 527 status so that they can formally endorse candidates.  The endorsement process is usually based on a battery of inteviews and questionnaires conducted in early summer.

Candidate Questionnaires (2014)

Elected Officials (2014)

Here's a partial list of community leaders who have endorsed Chad's campaign for State Representative. It’s still early, so the list grows daily.

Attorney General Rob McKenna, 2012 Candidate for Washington Governor
Congressman Dave Reichert, 8th Congressional District
Rep. Glenn Anderson, 5th Legislative District, Position 2
Rep. Jay Rodne, 5th Legislative District, Position 1
Sen. Dino Rossi, 5th Legislative District ('96-'04, '12), Candidate for Governor ('04, '08)
Sen. Cheryl Pflug, 5th Legislative District ('04-'12)
Sen. Steve Litzow, 41st Legislative District
Sen. Andy Hill, 45th Legislative District
Sen. Joe Fain, 47th Legislative District
Sen. Rodney Tom, 48th Legislative District, Senate Majority Leader
Rep. Mark Hargrove, 47th Legislative District
Rep. Cathy Dahlquist, 31st Legislative District, Position 1
Rep. Larry Haler, 8th Legislative District, Position 2
Rep. Brian Thomas, 5th Legislative District ('93-'00)
Rep. Bill Hinkle, 13th Legislative District ('03-'13)
Rep. Gigi Talcott, 28th Legislative District ('93-'07)
Councilmember Reagan Dunn, King County Council, 2012 Candidate for Attorney General
Councilmember Kathy Lambert, King County Council
Connie Fletcher, Washington State Board of Education, Issaquah School Board ('93-'09)
Marnie Maraldo, Issaquah School Board, President
Brian Deagle, Issaquah School Board, Past President
Anne Moore, Issaquah School Board
Mary Scott, Issaquah School Board ('81-'00), Past President
Mike Bernard, Issaquah School Board ('95-'99), Past Vice President
Geffrey Doy, Snoqualmie Valley School Board, President
Carol Van Noy, Riverview School Board
Pamela Teal, Renton School Board
Steve McConnell, Bellevue School Board, President
Brian Emanuels, Mercer Island School Board
Fred Butler, Issaquah City Council, Mayor
Eileen Barber, Issaquah City Council
Rowan Hinds, Mayor, City of Issaquah ('90-'97)
Jim Berger, Carnation City Council, Mayor
Bill Allison, Maple Valley City Council, Mayor
Noel Gerken, Maple Valley City Council, Past Mayor
Victoria Laise Jonas, Maple Valley City Council, Deputy Mayor
Sean Kelly, Maple Valley City Council
Jonathan Rosen, North Bend City Council
Dee Williamson, North Bend City Council
Jeff MacNichols, Snoqualmie City Council
Kingston Wall, Snoqualmie City Council
Kevin Wallace, Bellevue City Council, Deputy Mayor
David Carson, Redmond City Council
Mike Cero, Mercer Island City Council
Pam Fernald, SeaTac City Council
John Curley, Sammamish City Council, Host of The John Curley Show
John Carlson, Candidate for Governor ('00), Host of Newsline AM with John Carlson
Jim Callow, District Chair, 5th District GOP
Bob Brunjes, Past District Chair, 5th District GOP

Individuals (2014)

Al Torstenson, Maple Valley
Alan Morris, Carnation
Alice Bartholomew, Sammamish
Alison Meryweather, Issaquah
Allan Rousselle, Redmond
Arthur Ford, Maple Valley
Barry Feder, Issaquah
Becky Wilder, Issaquah
Bernadette Coughlin, Issaquah
Beth Sigall, Redmond
Betsy Cohen, Bellevue
Bev Wyne, Maple Valley
Bill Cassill, Issaquah
Bill Small, Issaquah
Brad Toft, Snoqualmie
Brian Cooper, Issaquah
Carolyn Schwartz, Maple Valley
Cheri Patterson, Spokane
Cheri Schoenrock, Issaquah
Chris & Shawna Milne, Issaquah
Chris Stephens, Renton
Clyde Lee, Maple Valley
Collette Dow, Bellevue
Connie Gerlitz, Bellevue
Corinne Patten, Bothell
Craig Jorgensen, Issaquah
Dan & Portia Anderson, Issaquah
Dan T. Grimer, Carnation
Dan Jones, Maple Valley
David Tegeler, Maple Valley
David Waggoner, Issaquah
Dawn Peschek, Issaquah
Debra Rogers, Issaquah
Denise Cramer, Renton
Dennis Butler, Issaquah
Dennis Dunn, Kirkland
Dennis Gerlitz, Bellevue
Donald Wyne, Maple Valley
Doreen Hunt, Maple Valley
Drew Fletcher, Auburn
Ed Authier, Issaquah
Ed Diamond, Renton
Ed Ferris, Bothell
Ed Gianini, Issaquah
Elizabeth Piekarczyk, Snoqualmie
Essie Hicks, Issaquah
Ferrin Lauve, Issaquah
Fred Kesler, Issaquah
Fred & Mardi Nystrom, Issaquah
Gil Drynan, Issaquah
Greer Smith, Maple Valley
Gretchen Dowling, Issaquah
Helen Bell, Issaquah
Halle Burnham, Redmond
Hank Myers, Redmond
Heidi Bennett, Seattle
Jackie Roberts, Issaquah
Jacky Braden, Bellevue
Janet Suppes, Bellevue
Jared Mayes, North Bend
Jeff Coats, Enumclaw
Jeff Swanson, Issaquah
Jeffery McMorris, Issaquah
Jerry Carlson, Issaquah
Jessie Hasken, Seattle
Jim Brady, Issaquah
Jim Berry, Issaquah
Jim Craswell, Sammamish
Joan Probala, Issaquah
Jody Mull, Bellevue
Joe Crecca, Snoqualmie
Joel Hussey, Redmond
John Grigg, Sammamish
John Liu, Sammamish
John Kilpatrick, Issaquah
John Shaw, Sammamish
Jolie Imperatori, Snoqualmie
Judith White, Renton
Julie Lynn, Snoqualmie
Judy Rogers, Renton
Karen Albers, Richland
Karen Mooney, Renton
Katherine Cassady, Snoqualmie
Kelly Munn, Sammamish
Kevin Haistings, Carnation
K-Y Su, Kirkland
Larry Palmer, Issaquah
Lauren Sheehan, Issaquah
Laurie Carlisle, Issaquah
Leigh Stokes, Sammamish
Leslie Warrick, Issaquah
Libbie FitzGerald, Issaquah
Lida Buckner, Issaquah
Lisa Shin, Bellevue
Lisa Stubenrauch, Edmonds
Malcolm Atteberry, Redmond
Marianne Kersten, Bellevue
Mark Anderton-Williams, Issaquah
Mark Griswold, Renton
Mark Sussman, Bellevue
Michael Koenig, Bellevue
Mike Kenyon, North Bend
Mike Torgerson, Snoqualmie
Milicent Savage, Issaquah
Mira Hoke, Black Diamond
Nichole Lux, Issaquah
Oleg Shivartsur, Issaquah
Pamela Hughes, Bellevue
Pat McGrath, Jr., Issaquah
Patrick Nelson, Black Diamond
Patti Betz, Bellevue
Patti Mann, Bellevue
Paul Hoover, Bothell
Rick Lockhart, Renton
Rich Parker, Whidbey Island
Richard Gabel, Issaquah
Rolland & Sherry Kiefel, Sammamish
Ron Rogers, Issaquah
Ronald Shimono, Issaquah
Samantha Wilder, Issaquah
Sandra Juenke, North Bend
Scott Hildebrand, Sammamish
Sheri Nelson, Tumwater
Skip Rowley, Issaquah
Stephanie Wilder, Issaquah
Stephen Hoopes, Issaquah
Steve Godfrey, Renton
Steve McNey, Ravensdale
Tara Walker, Seattle
T. J. Filley, Issaquah
Terry LaBrue, Issaquah
Terry Meyer, Issaquah
Tim FitzGerald, Issaquah
Valerie Korock, Issaquah
Vickie Hahn, Issaquah
Wayne Pommer, Issaquah

It’s important to note that while we’ve provided some context on current or past positions that these are only personal endorsements and don’t reflect official endorsements of their organizations.


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