Positions on Issues

Core Tenets:
  • Educate to fuel economic growth
  • Promote free markets & fair business practices
  • Budget based on priorities of government
  • Champion fiscal responsibility
  • Demand performance accountability

sample imageThe Issaquah School District has achieved the highest rating for education investment – student achievement for dollar spent. With the lowest administrative overhead in King County and the best credit rating in the state, we’ve shown we can make every dollar count. We owe it to our children to do more with our limited resources and embrace new methods and technologies to prepare them for the 21st century.


sample imageMany in the 5th District were dealt a crippling blow from the economic downturn. We need a representative in Olympia who can show fiscal responsibility and reduce spending...just as we’re all now doing in our homes and small businesses. A budgeting process based on priorities of government instead of gimmicks will help restore meaningful economic growth and stability.


sample imageWe must work to achieve a balance of growth and protection of the environment, ever mindful of the impact to local businesses and private property rights. Whether we propose better use of our resources or make sensible policy in Olympia to promote promising new ones, it’s up to us to protect our state for our children and their children.


sample imageI will fight to defend the constitutional rights and civil liberties of our citizens. This includes a woman’s right to choose, balanced with respect for religious beliefs and parental rights over minors. America is the land of freedom and opportunity, and that should apply without regard to race, creed, color, gender or sexual orientation.


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